Sometimes feel like you’re the only conservative in the Universe?

Do you get all of your news and commentary from one or two sources and find that the vast majority of your interactions with other conservatives is through crappy forum postings?





Dear FRiend:

My name is Dean Sueck (rhymes with Buick. It’s been mangled before :) ) Many of you know me from FreeRepublic as HeartlandOfAmerica. I’ve been a professional computer consultant/programmer for over 30 years; since earning my Comp. Sci. degree in 1984. I’ve worked for companies large and small since then, helping them to overcome some of their knottier computer problems. For the past several years, I’ve wondered how I could turn my skills to helping the conservative cause and I believe I’ve found it.

I’ve created a piece of software that allows YOU to hit over 125 conservative sites and you can even add 40 of your favorites into the software! This is a true web browser created specifically with conservatives in mind. It has a built-in web browser, so if you hit the FoxNews button, the site instantly loads into the built-in web browser where you can go through the site or right click and open the site in a new window.

It consists of 8 screens with 40 buttons on each screen = 320 sites stored in one place making you literally a single click away from any of the sites in the browser. Once you load the program, you’re so close to 40 sites that all of the time you lose is the site load time which is generally less than ten seconds.



I’ve been a professional computer consultant for over 30 years, since 1984 when I received my Computer Science degree. I started on the Internet before the World Wide Web was even a dream. We used this ugly little program called ‘Gopher’ in those days, which only allowed us to download material from websites. The WWW and a browser called Mosaic were about 5 years in the future.

Where I’m going with this is that I’ve been around the Internet a LONG  time and have a LOT of bookmarks. And I mean a LOT. Thousands at least. Someone once described the Internet as the greatest library in the world … with all of the books dumped out in a heap in the middle of the floor! That’s my bookmarks collection.

Well, I got tired of not being able to find anything in that monstrosity or worse yet, trying to dredge from memory a site that I thought was uber-cool for the 15 minutes that I spent there about 5 years ago (shudder). Well, I’m a programmer and if a computer couldn’t tame this problem for me, what good were they? Web Browser Screenshot #1

Screenshot of Panel #1 with the Washington Times loaded into the built-in browser


 Above you’ll find a screenshot of one of the 8 screens available in the Conservative-American Web Browser program. Along the left and right columns, you’ll find 40 of the BEST resources for the sites covered with the first screen of information. Each side contains 20 web site buttons and you’ll find some of the best web sites available. The center of the screen contains the built-in web browser where the sites will load for you. In the screenshot above, you’ll note in the top few buttons on the right, the Washington Times button has a heavier light blue box around it indicating that it’s been clicked and loaded into the built-in web browser.

The system is simple to operate. The center portion of the screenshot above is a web browser. You click a button on the left or right and the site loads into the web browser. There’s nothing to it. This is NOT rocket science. I just got tired of having to go hunting down the sites that I needed in my bookmarks. I hate to think of the time that I wasted doing that, or typing in the wrong addresses from memory.

The upshot here is that nothing is hidden. All sites are visible and available for your use within seconds of the program loading. Technically, the only time that you lose is the site load time. Everything else is simply a mouse-click away.

There are five navigation buttons, a home, back, forward, search and refresh that do what they do in every other browser you ever used. Besides that, it’s easy peasy. You wouldn’t believe how much effort and time went into making it easy peasy. :)


Let’s get something understood here from the git go. These are MY favorite links to conservative and other sites. They are not necessarily YOUR favorite sites. So I’ve designed the program so that with changes to a few data files, you can change just about any part of the program. Change the color scheme, the buttons on the main control panel, you can even change the name of the program from Conservative-American Web Browser to Joe’s Pizza Shack if you wish!! Ultra-Flexibility. Programming without coding.

But more to the point, the program contains over 320 hyperlinks to many of the biggest and best sites on the Internet and every one of these links can easily be switched out to a link of your choice!

And best of all, you can have your cake and eat it too! Seven of the screens are populated with hyperlinks and a spare is empty, so you can easily keep or dump MY 200 links and add in 40 of your own as well!


Not at all!

One of the nicest things about the system that I’ve created for you is that each of the five screens that I’ve populateed includes its own Google Search Engine that incorporates all of the sites that you see on the buttons and more!

With one QUICK search, for example ‘Benghazi attack’, you can bring back SUPERIOR targeted search results from all of the sites you see on the buttons. And I’m talking TARGETED! None of the usual Google/Bing/Yahoo spamminess!



  • 3 screens of 40 political destinations each

  • 1 screen of science/technology destinations

  • 1 screen of webmastering sites

  • 1 screen of various news sites

  • 1 screen of mega search resources

  • Options screen for configuring system files

  • uber flexibility in system design

  • ability to change links for maximum flexibility


For a nominal fee, you can reach out to the conservative community and find out that you’re really not the only conservative in the universe. The program comes stocked with 120 conservative sites and  you can add in 40 more that I’ve overlooked.


So don’t delay! Get yours today!